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Musio @Japan | Monthly Updates – May

Musio has made quite a few achievements in May.

Let’s start with the most important one:


1. Musio is now “MADE IN JAPAN”

Musio will now become “Made In Japan”! On May 30, AKA announced the partnership with the Nigata-based company K-UST (Kashiwazaki US Tech, LTD.) for producing Musio in Japan. With Musio’s body finally made in Japan, AKA has took one step closer to presenting Musio as a collaboration of two countries.


2. Musio can write poems of its own!

Musio can now write poems, with its AI engine MUSE!

In the video, we have three musio poems. Out of three poems, two comes from Musio, while the other is a work of a Pulitzer Award winner. Can you tell which is the work of a human?

If you are curious to find out, check the video below!




 1. Musio participates in EDIX

From May 17 to 19, Musio participated in Educational IT Solutions Expo (EDIX).

EDIX is Japan’s largest industry trade show gathering top IT education service providers.This year’s EDIX attracted more than 30 thousand visitors, and Musio was definitely one of the most eye-catching of all exhibitors.

Visitors were curious to know how Musio can help people learn English speaking, and those curious to learn the English solutions Musio has to offer attended AKA and Global Vision (AKA’s education content partner)’s seminar.

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2. 「Kid’s English Class with Musio 」at Shinjuku Takashimaya

We are constantly holding Musio English classes to provide hands-on experience for children and parents. 「Kid’s English Class with Musio 」is a 2-month long (5 classes) English class held at Takashimaya’s Shinjuku branch, and the class held on May 19 was a third class of the program.

We were surprised to see that children were already making visible progress. After playing with Musio’s ABC Flash Cards with colorful  animal illustrations, Musio asked “What animal do you like,” to children, and heard them answering back with all sorts of answers, including”Cats”, “Bears,” and “Monkeys.”

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Japan’s education market is changing rapidly. By next year, English class will become regular curriculum in elementary schools, and in 2020, English Speaking Exam will become an important test factor in Japan’s university entrance exam.

With these changes ahead, AI technology, and AKA AI social robot Musio is receiving more attention then ever. AKA is working harder than ever to present Musio as the next-generation language solution for learners of all age.

To learn more about Musio’s latest activities, please follow our social media accounts:

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