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IoT is the way to go!

One of the many reasons we have chosen to integrate IoT into Musio is because it’s the way forward on this planet. Yup, as you may have noticed, we are hearing the term “Internet of Things” as a buzz word lately (Or should we say, a bunch words in a buzz word). It’s been around us for a while but it’s been in the shadows unnoticed.

The Internet of Things is a term revolving around machine-to-machine communication. Physical objects like buildings, vehicles, devices and anything that can embed electronics and software with sensors… all connected together via a network to exchange gathered data. As time goes on, these can be found in our own homes like “smart” cookers, fridges and thermostats to things outside like street lighting, roads, bridges and well, it’s endless.  Imagine all these connected via a cloud-based infrastructure which works anytime, anywhere.

This makes life so much simpler and automated, not for us to be lazy but to be more efficient and safer. It gives us possibilities like having smart asphalt that when it’s damaged and a pothole has emerged, the authorities are notified automatically. The same asphalt can also warn the driver when the car is on the road, that a pothole is further meters ahead. This is also very useful when smart cars become more popular and widely used. That same asphalt can also transmit weather conditions like rain, snow or ice… and this is just the beginning of what IoT can do to everyones’ life.

Musio can be the hub of IoT at home or your workplace. This will enable you to control your lights, appliances, thermostat and more with Musio and also have him report back their status.

IoT - Internet of Things

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