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Muse ReSmart

As human beings live longer, the number of people diagnosed with dementia is growing. Many studies have proved that dementia tends to degenerate cognitive abilities. Since dementia patients endure different types of symptoms, it is important to monitor dementia patients individually. Furthermore, old people are generally lack of understanding technology, which brings a low self-motivation to use technologies. 

To enhance the cognitive abilities of old people, we propose a mobile plat-form called ReSmart which embeds six distinct levels of the brain training task, based on five cognitive areas to detect different types of individual symptoms. Those brain training tasks are presented in a game-like format that aims to not lose the elder ‘s motivation for technology use and keeping interested.
We address our research questions as below :
  • To what extent, can our system improve the cognitive abilities of elders by providing personalized brain training games?
  • To what extent, can our system improve elder’s motivation for technology use?
We conducted our user study with four elders whose aging 79-91 with their MMSE score information, and observe the behavior of old people in the usage of ReSmart. The findings from our studies are highlighted with two terms: (1) Personalization, (2) Motivation

Personalized level of brain training games: We were able to monitor four participants in gameplay behaviors accurately by visiting their individual rooms through a three-day period. Each participant showed a higher concentration in games that a suitable match for them. For instance, One participant lacked memory ability had a feeling of uncomfortable to play games such as memorizing numbers. Another participant who weakened perception skills unable to understand in following games such as shape memory game and Ball tracking and color matching game. This suggests that the six distinct brain games can distinguish an individual’s condition in their gameplay behaviors.

Motivation: Participants struggled to keep using a mobile platform. They were unfamiliar with how to use the device. For example, each said” I don’t know where to press”,” The color is not clear because of the bright screen”,” It looks like a mobile phone, but it is too big to be uncomfortable”.However, from using devices more and more, they enjoyed playing games, which result in the improvement of the playing. When the participants finished games, they experienced a sense of accomplishment that can positively impact on self-motivation.