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Deep Learning and Musio

Deep learning is a branch of Machine learning and is being actively explored in the recent years. Thanks to deep learning algorithms, it enables Musio to learn like us humans and let him do what he is capable of doing. Deep learning methods are better than the traditional machine learning and tech companies are always improving this area of technological advancements.

The traditional machine learning techniques works in this way. If a program needed to be coded to recognise hand writing for instance, it’s quite a complex application to develop. The developer would need to devise rules on how characters are written, like ‘O’ is a rounded closed circle, but if someone writes it open on top, the application ‘thinks’ it’s a ‘U’ and here is where it becomes complicated. This is just a small ‘complication’ compared to some more complex problems to be solved like object recognition, facial recognition and speech processing.

This is where ‘Deep Learning’ comes into play. Instead of developing a software to solve such problems, an algorithm is developed which computers can use, to look into thousands of solutions, both correct and incorrect. The computer would then use this information gathered to solve the same problem in different situations. Deep learning has been researched and looked into for a while, but it’s now becoming popular again as it’s proven to be very effective in learning like a human’s brain. It’s so powerful, that recently, an artificial intelligence robot just beat the European champion Fan Hui, in the Chinese board game Go, five out of five times. Go is one of the most complex games to master.

Musio uses deep learning to master the English language by remembering details in sentences and uses them in a conversation. From sentence contexts, Musio can analyse and answer questions, talk about the context and also refer to certain events and details (Check the video experiment below of how Musio performed in an inference test). This makes him capable of having natural conversations with humans and can also do other handy everyday tasks like checking your schedule and emails.


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