Meet Musio

The Ryucheru stamp of approval?!?! Good times studying English with Musio

Hello, everyone! Lily from AKA’s marketing team here. Today, let’s look at some scenes from our product announcement event! We were joined by Ryucheru and Mini Ryucheru (3 years old), who tried Musio out onstage. ※Ryucheru holds our specially dressed up “Myucheru” at our product event in Tokyo on 10/25/2016. You can meet Myucheru at our pop-up stores for a limited time! Mini Ryucheru was the first to try out Musio. Using our interactive flashcards, he got to practice the letter “B” and hear Musio tell him about bears. Next up was Ryucheru! He read a storybook using Musio, good preparation for the cute child he and Peko-chan are hinting about. Ryucheru reading our storybook with Sophy and Musio, as […]

Graphics Processing Units for Neural Networks

General Purpose Computing on GPUs – Graphics Processing Units for Neural Networks Goal Neural networks are powered by graphic processing units (GPUs) and computing architectures are quickly growing employing several of them for building huge models. Motivation The main reason and motivation for handling the computations in neural networks on GPUs is the fact that neural networks consist of identical units which each perform computations widely independent of the overall architecture. The physical architecture of GPUs with its greater number of cores perfectly allows to perform these computations in parallel. Ingredients CPU, RAM, PCIe, SSD, FLOPS Steps The central processing unit (CPU) is known to most people for basically determining the performance of a PC. Traditionally the metric to look […]

Musio at TechCrunch

Respect Artificial Intelligence

Innovation always brought with it unexpected opinions and reactions within the population. In life we grew accustomed to it and work as we know it until something simple brings a bold change. We used phones for like 100 years but then once they became mobile, our lives changed. Same thing for the internet. Photos, from physical became digital and USB drives now turned into “The Cloud”. Everything made us adapt as time and technology advanced. Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing that will change our lives. It has been with us for years and now it’s being pushed further into our lives. From medical usefulness to things we use everyday like Facebook and Google. It’s around us every day, […]

Attention/Memory in Deep Learning

Goal Attention mechanisms in neural networks are a quite new phenomena and we are going to provide some background on them here. Motivation Generally speaking attention mechanisms allow the network to focus only on a certain subset of the data provided for a given task. Being able to distinguish between the necessary information at a specific step of a task further reduces the amount of information that has to be processed. Ingredients recurrent neural networks, convolutional neural networks, encoder, decoder, embedding, weights, memory, reinforcement learning Steps The idea behind attention mechanisms is certainly motivated by observing the visual attention of humans. Despite processing the visual input all at the same time, humans rather pay attention to small regions one after […]

Deep learning

Deep Learning and Musio

Deep learning is a branch of Machine learning and is being actively explored in the recent years. Thanks to deep learning algorithms, it enables Musio to learn like us humans and let him do what he is capable of doing. Deep learning methods are better than the traditional machine learning and tech companies are always improving this area of technological advancements. The traditional machine learning techniques works in this way. If a program needed to be coded to recognise hand writing for instance, it’s quite a complex application to develop. The developer would need to devise rules on how characters are written, like ‘O’ is a rounded closed circle, but if someone writes it open on top, the application ‘thinks’ it’s a ‘U’ and here is […]

Musio at TechCrunch

What Makes Musio Special?

Musio is an Artificial Intelligence robot using deep learning algorithms that attempt to model high-level abstractions in data by using multiple processing layers with complex structures. This enables Musio to think and decide what to say based on previous conversations and information gathered. His natural language processing lets him interact with you and have a fluent English conversation just like a real friend. Unlike other robots of the same kind, Musio has a personality and loves to talk, not just answers simple trivial questions like Siri found on Apple’s mobile devices or Amazons’ Echo. Apart from having a natural conversation, he can also recognize faces and objects. This way, Musio adds to the natural interaction between himself and humans. Note: Musio’s voice is not […]

Musio at SXSW

WE MADE IT to the SXSW Finals!

This year more than 470 applicants signed up for the SXSW Accelerator awards and there are now 48 finalists in 6 categories that will be participating in this year’s SXSW Accelerator pitch competition! The event will be held on the first weekend of SXSW Interactive, Saturday, March 12 through Sunday, March 13. on the fourth floor of the Downtown Austin Hilton. On Round One, on 12th March, we’ll be showing Musio, our artificial intelligence robot to a live audience, a panel of hand-picked judges and emcees. (Yup, thats right Musio, You’re off to talk in public again like in Japan ;)) This will be done with the other 47 participants. On Round Two, only 18 will participate and present again […]