Meet Musio
A cute little robot - Artificial Intelligence

Why social robots like Musio are cute?

In the past years, especially this year, there is a rise in social robots coming out. What do they have in common? They tend to be quite cute! There is a reason for such cuteness including Musio. When Musio visited various conferences like “The Contagious” in London and TechCrunch, we got lots of various comments. A lot said “Musio is so cute!”, “So friendly looking” and people just wanted to hold him. Cuteness is something thats been used for quite a while with features like big eyes, happiness and a big head. These features are based on babies. This makes the robot liked and cared for, even when knowing they are inanimate. Making robots cute tends to create a sensation […]

Cute Musio Hoodie design

Dear Musio backers !

The Musio t-shirts that you ordered in Indiegogo have been delivered. For those who ordered the t-shirts before July, we remind you that they will arrive at the same time as Musio. We have great news! Now we have Musio hoodies.     One of our Musio fans, Mark Julian Borg offered us the design. XOXO Musio Team

Musio prototypes and Darth Vader costume

Do My Hips Look Bigger than Usual?

Musio’s design did not come out of thin air. Musio designers have dedicated long hours of research, and gone through numerous sketches and prototypes to develop a robot that can indulge the users. The main question involved through the designing process was, “What people really expected from a personal A.I. robot?”   Musio team came up with several answers for this question. Some of the Musio team members thought that what people really want from their personal A.I. robot, apart from having a dynamical conversation, is to perform certain activities that they personally desire to do with the robot in which verbal conversation is included. Gina, one of the designers mentioned, ” Many people have their own personal toy to […]

Musio advert shot

Musio Meet Your Very Own A.I Friend