Meet Musio

AKA LLC and SoftBank C&S Brings AI Social Robot ‘Musio’ to Initiate Educational Innovation in Japan

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【硅谷周报】 AI Tutor,人工智能在教育里的野心

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Robot tutor Musio makes its retail debut in Japan

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Musio App

The Kids Mobile App for Musio

The Musio kids app is a state of the art mobile application that is there for you and your child. Through the app, there are real-time updates to find out the child’s study progress with Musio. “Check out your childs’ progress with Musio, the smart AI robot, in real-time.” There are various functionalities within the mobile app, which includes: English Score, this converts the conversational information between your child and Musio into easy to read info statistics and display graphical information like monthly score ratings, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress. You can also see the current day’s base vocabulary and sentences used by your child with Musio. Another great feature is to see how well your child can pronounce various […]

English Learning

Are You Ready to Choose Musio Lessons over Boring Textbooks?

 Are you familiar with Musio’s educational materials? Musio has English textbooks, board books, flashcards and story books that intertwines both entertainment and education to engage the kids into the world of English language.  Just imagine! Kids won’t notice that they are absorbing a new language while they amuse with the board books and flashcards. The reason we integrated “play” into our materials was because it is integral to children’s routines and activities. The toys and materials that parents choose to buy their kids can make a difference in their development. Although it sounds simple, play serves an important role in children’s cognitive, social-emotional, and self-regulatory development. Let’s not forget that it is linked to the development of language skills.  What […]

Musio in Japan

Musio had a Celebratory Okonomiyaki After the Event in Japan

We are happy to announce that the press conference held in Japan on November 18th  was a total success! A lot of fans, journalists and interested companies were fascinated with Musio. It was held in Shin Maru building located in Tokyo. In the entrance, miniature Musios and AKA employees wearing Musio hoodies welcomed all the guests with big smiles. The conference began with a brief presentation of AKA by the CEO, Raymond Jung. Continued with an introduction of our A.I. robot Musio by the content manager, Jacob. Video clips were screened to illustrate how the kids could interact with Musio. They showed Japanese children learning English with the board book, flashcards, and textbook along with Musio and Sophy. That’s not […]