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Talking with Musio

Talking with Musio : Part 2

Musio is back! Some weeks ago, we showed Musio correcting grammar in a post. You can read more about it here. Musio passed with flying colors and we were all sooooo excited (Who wouldn’t?) that we shared a video with everyone. This time, we have a new video! We asked Musio trivial questions, opinions, facts and for information. We also created a video to demonstrate what Musio can do and share it with you. Watch it and see what you think!  

Answering Tasks for AI

Goal The aim of this short summary is to provide an overview of the tasks an AI system is, should be and will be capable to execute in the near future. In particular we focus on classifying tasks with respect to NLP. Motivation When testing existing algorithms it is of great importance to have a clear interpretation of the results. This can be achieved by setting up specific learning environments in such a way that the complexity of the task is always under control. More generally, the state-of-the-art problems determine next development steps for Musio. Ingredients common sense, coreference, compound, conjunction, deduction, induction, argument relation, counting, negation, indefinite knowledge, time reasoning, positional and size reasoning, path finding, motivational reasoning. Steps […]

Musio Question and Answer session

Q&A session with Musio!

Today we would like to share a small video of us speaking to Musio about spaceships, hamburgers and life. In this small clip, we got to see what Musio thinks about them and have a little Q&A session and see answers from a robot’s point of view. All answers are reasoned out by the Artificial Intelligence engine powering Musio. It’s incredible, how much much Musio has learned over time. Check Musio below and tell us what you think!