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Performance Evaluation of Bach’s Retrieval & Scoring System

Overview Most current applications of automated dialogue systems involve narrowly focused language understanding and simple models of dialogue interaction. Understanding language and generating natural dialogue are important in building friendly interfaces for dialogue system, but it is particularly critical in settings where the speaker is focused on 1D situation. Real human conversation is highly context-dependent, and human speakers jointly build contributions to the shared context. That is, human dialogue has a very complex structure by itself, and exhibits a complex network of relations between other dialogues. AKA has continuously tried to build friendly dialogue interfaces, and understand situation- and context-dependent interpretation of speaker utterances, including multiple situations. Bach, multiple linked dialogue data platform for AKA’s dialogue system, is our solution […]

AKA、中学の特別支援学級でAIロボット「Musio」による学習支援の実証実験を開始 -ICT教育ニュース-

AKA株式会社、慶応義塾中等部に英語学習AIロボット「Musio」(ミュージオ)を導入。 -朝日新聞DIGITAL-

Abusive Language Detection for Muse Engine

Overview Bach, multiple linked dialogue data platform for Muse engine, has utilized multiple resources – artificial intelligence, human reviewers, automated rating system, etc. – in an effort to generate best human-machine conversations, and a noisy data follows as a necessity from the development process. Noisy data is meaningless data, and its meaning can be expanded to include abusive language which causes challenges that we encountered when developing Muse engine. In this blog post, we will describe a development process of Muse engine ‘s abusive language detection system and demonstrate the efficacy by comparing the system with different models in detecting abusive language . To be brief, AKA’s abusive language detection system has shown a good performance by extracting additional features […]

ケンブリッジ大学出版株式会社とAKA株式会社が英語学習AIロボット「Musio」(ミュージオ)の英語学習教材共同開発に向け、同志社中学校と法政大学中学高等学校にて実証実験を実施 ー産経新聞ー

夏休みプログラム「TGG Summer Festival 2019」にて英語学習ロボット「Musio」の体験プログラムをTOKYO GLOBAL GATEWAYと共同提供 ― 朝日新聞DIGITAL —

AKA×学研プラス、今年も宇部市内の小学校にAIロボット「Musio」導入 ― ICT教育ニュース —