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四国初、「Qubena ROOM」を4月今治に開校 人工知能(AI)×学習サポート(人間)で算数・数学を圧倒的な効率で学習! ー Sankei Bizー

Bach: data architecture for multi-linked dialogues

Introduction Dialogue systems are systems intended to converse with human users, and recent advancements in AI have contributed to closing the gap between human-machine conversations in many consumer services. AKA Intelligence researchers also tried to build automated dialogue systems and finally set up its own dialogue system, Muse, being able to practice English in addition to social conversations. One of the key differences between the existing systems and Muse is the customized data structure, Bach, to train AI model. It is important for recent dialogue systems to learn from human-human conversations in order to generate best human-machine conversations. Normally, the process of dialogue system may be summarized as follows: when a user asks a question, the system either searches a […]

Evaluation for Muse Dialogue Engine 2019

Introduction Recent advances in AI has contributed to the rebirth of a chatbot-type dialogue system being able to interact with people through natural language communication. This could help people better understand the world around them and communicate more effectively with others, effectively bridging communication gaps. Therefore, it is important to understand the quality attributes associated developing and implementing high-quality conversational agents and diaglouge system. Muse is a NLP engine developed by AKA Intelligence, with a focus on natural conversation. Engineers at AKA and Softbank are collaborating to bring the Muse engine into Pepper, Softbank’s humannoid robot, to use Muse as Pepper’s English conversation system. Muse is also expanding into other hardware platforms as well. A typical example is Musio, a […]

共栄大学国際経営学部・平林ゼミの学生が英語学習AIロボット「Musio(ミュージオ)」の活用法を提案 — AI中心の「人工知能塾」などのアイデアを発表 ― SankeiBiz―

英語学習AIロボット「Musio」、3月から初心者向け新機能をスタート -ICT教育ニュース-

小学校英語 現場教員の負担を減らしたい(上)ー教育新聞ー


AKA、AIロボ「Musio」アップデートし英語初級者向けの機能拡充 -ICT教育ニュース-