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AKAのCFOに株式会社 産業革新機構・ディレクターの大月 亮氏が就任ー産経ニュースー

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トイロボット、英語学習のAIロボ「Musio X」が人気ー日経トレンディネットー

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英会話ロボに伝わるかな はなまる先生公開授業ー朝日新聞ー

Musio on Nikkei: “AI technology is coming to our homes, as English conversation partners and home assistants”

We have great news! Musio was featured on The Nikkei (日本経済新聞, Japan Economics Newspaper) On July 1, 2017! Musio was introduced as a personal conversation companion and a friend that can talk like a native English speaker. The article explained that AI technology nowadays is now advancing into consumers’ homes. Pointed out by the article is the roles that AIs are assuming in homes: the first is as a chore assistants like smart laundry machine. The second one, represented by Musio, is a personal AI companion that offers emotional comfort and attachment. We were so happy to see a glimpse of  everyday life with Musio introduced in the article! The block quote below is a translation for the part that […]

AIが家にやってくる 英会話・家事…頼れる相棒に ー日本経済新聞ー


Current Status of Musio (2017 July)

For those yearning to catch up with what Musio has achieved so far, see the video below.   From poem writing to image recognition, Musio is becoming more and more closer to becoming the companion just for you.  

MUSE API (Beta) Sneak Peak

Today, we have the sneak preview of MUSE API (Beta). MUSE API is what Musio actually talks to in the cloud to manage the dialogue and generate things to say, recognize faces, etc. In order to show you better some of the major things going on behind the Musio, we built a temporary front-end for the API. We have a video explaining features of API as well as accompanying material. Our API is on its way, so stay tuned!