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Conditional Neural Network Architectures

Table of Contents 1. Conditional Neural Network Architectures 1.1. goal 1.2. motivation 1.3. ingredients 1.4. steps 1.5. outlook 1.6. resources Conditional Neural Network Architectures goal Today we are going to have a look at conditional neural network architectures and present some of the findings in the recent papers “Outrageously Large Neural Networks: The Sparsely-Gated Mixture-of-Experts Layer” and “PathNet: Evolution Channels Gradient Descent in Super Neural Networks”. motivation The interest in conditional models is mainly based on their capability to incorporate a huge number of parameters compared to standard architectures without increasing the need for more computationally powerful hardware. Furthermore such models seem to be able to reduce the training time and are interesting for multi-, online-task learning and transfer learning. […]

ソフトバンクC&S、英語学習用 AI搭載ロボット「Musio X」を販売開始

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Interview with Musio: About Musio as an AI

Q&A with AKA – About Musio as an ‘AI Robot’

Ever since we’ve introduced Musio to the whole world, we’ve received countless questions from our partners, investors, customers as well as curious enthusiasts. So we thought it would be a good idea to answer the most frequently asked questions to make Musio more engaging and easier to understand. We hope that the following Q&A sessions enlighten our readers on who we are and what we dream with Musio. The first round of questions is about Musio as an AI robot. So let’s start!   Q. I’ve heard lots of AIs in the market, starting from likes of Apple’s Siri to  robots like Pepper. What kind of AI is Musio?  Musio is a robot run on AKA’s special AI system (software engine) that […]


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A.I. Social Robot ‘Musio’ Debuts in Europe With New Office at Berlin and Participates in Multinational Robotics Design Exhibition – Newswire –

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