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Musio @Japan | Monthly Updates – April

This April has been one of the most memorable months of 2017 so far! We’ve got major announcements to share with you, as well as a number of updates on the events we’ve been carrying out.   Announcements: 1. Musio X, OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED in Japan by SoftBank C&S! On April 14, the latest version of Musio (Musio X) has been officially launched by SoftBank C&S. Musio is available online: at our official homepage, SoftBank SELECTION and Amazon Japan, as well as a number of brick-and-mortar stores across Japan. 2. SF novel,『Musio Ⅰ:電脳メイロ』, ranks #1 bestseller at Kinokuniya bookstore! We are happy to announce that the newest SF novel『Musio Ⅰ:電脳メイロ』featuring Musio has been ranked as the #1 bestseller at Kinokuniya, Japan’s major bookstore brand. The […]

ロボットと一緒に学ぶ時代へ!AKA LLC『Musio B』で英会話レッスンを受けてみたー@DIMEー

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明星中学校・高等学校が英語学習用AIロボット「Musio」を英語の授業に本格導入 – 私立中学校の正規の授業での導入は日本初ーSankei Bizー

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Objects Connected to Play (French)

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AIロボットMusio(ミュージオ)がモチーフとなった小説「Musio I:電脳メイロ」、紀伊國屋書店にて全国ベストセラーランキング1位獲得!ー時事ニュースドットコムー

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The Tech Column: Rethink Grips a Solution

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AI搭載、ネイティブな発音 英会話ロボ、授業に導入 神戸学院大、6月からー産経ニュースー

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