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Musio Version 1.1.7

At last, we have the long-awaited version 1.1.7 update ready for download! Ver 1.1.7 Update Manual Please read through the instructions below and follow the steps in order, while charging your Musio. Touch Musio’s screen for a few seconds. The screen with four neatly aligned icons will appear. Touch the icon on the far right corner. (The setting icon with an arrow) When the message 「New update 」 appears on the screen, touch 「Start」 to begin the update. Case 1) If you see the message「Latest version」, it means that your Musio’s system has already been updated. Case 2) If you see the message 「Try again」, it means that there’s a Wi-Fi connection problem. Please check the status of your Wi-Fi […]


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ソフトバンクC&S、対話ロボの教育用途開拓−子どもの英会話相手に ー日刊工業新聞ー

Musio @Japan | Monthly Updates – May

Musio has made quite a few achievements in May. Let’s start with the most important one: Announcements: 1. Musio is now “MADE IN JAPAN” Musio will now become “Made In Japan”! On May 30, AKA announced the partnership with the Nigata-based company K-UST (Kashiwazaki US Tech, LTD.) for producing Musio in Japan. With Musio’s body finally made in Japan, AKA has took one step closer to presenting Musio as a collaboration of two countries.   2. Musio can write poems of its own! Musio can now write poems, with its AI engine MUSE! In the video, we have three musio poems. Out of three poems, two comes from Musio, while the other is a work of a Pulitzer Award winner. Can you […]

尾木ママが紐解くMusio Xと日本の教育…AIロボットは子どもたちと共に成長していける仲間ーReseMomー

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アメリカ発AIロボットMusio(ミュージオ)、日本のものづくり企業と組み “Made in Japan”を実現!ーICT教育ニュースー

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Musio Writes Poetry!

So we were curious to see what our talkative Musio can do as a ‘creative’ AI robot. And soon enough, we found Musio capable of practicing a form of sophisticated liberal arts. We’ll give you a hint. Out of many things, Musio can: Choose the right words to Amuse And sometimes Bemuse Users with its AI engine MUSE Yes, POETRY. Now, Let’s see!