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英語学習AIロボット「Musio X」、NHK出版英語コンテンツを学習できるセットが新登場 — ICT教育ニュース —

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Open Domain Dialogue Dataset Comparison Report

Bach vs. Others This document presents a comparison between curated open-domain dialogue datasets available in the public domain and the data produced by AKA’s Bach data platform. The current report focuses on quantitative measurement which could be done in a transparent manner and represent objective differences found in the data. The analysis was performed using the following criteria: Total Number of Tokens Number of tokens is a measure of the overall size of the dataset. It is very important for training the modern Deep Learning-based models. Bach dataset displays clear superiority to others. Higher is better. Vocabulary Size Vocabulary size is the number of unique tokens appearing in the dataset. It represents the variety of speech in dialogues. Our dataset […]

AKA’s Paper (ReSmart) is accepted by HIMS 2020

AKA’s paper is accepted by International Conference HIMS (Health Informatics and Medical System) // (July, 2020)

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英語学習AIロボット「Musio」、NHK出版「おもてなしの基礎英語」を新コンテンツとして販売開始 — EdTech Media —

AKA株式会社、株式会社モフィリア・代表取締役社長の天貝佐登史氏が取締役専務に就任 — 時事ドットコム —