Meet Musio

Brave New Beginning

We collaborated with IDIOTAPE and VJ SINN. We collaborated with IDIOTAPE and VJ SINN. Made Video Art! At the end of video, there are few functions of Musio. Now, Let’s watch this cool video art! IDIOTAPE is the one of most amazing electronic music band in south korea. They released their debut EP 0805 in July 2010 and their first album 11111101, a year later, which won “Best Dance & Electronic Album” at the 2012 Korean Music Awards. They have performed at multiple music festivals at home and around the world. It’s Brave New Beginning : AKA X IDIOTAPE X VJ SINN Music by IDIOTAPE : Heyday : watch ->

Musio’s Touch Interaction

We got some exciting news to share! As you all know, we have been working on refining Musio. This time we have refined the way people interact with Musio. By touching Musio’s Face and heart, you can go through different menus and settings. This makes it easier to setup Musio, update settings and access apps. Watch this short video on how it works.

Musio talks

Perfecting Musio

We have been working very hard on improving Musios’ conversational skills, along with remembering details and better sentence structure. In the past we have showed different progress stages. Here Musio started to talk fluently and we also showcased some of his talking abilities here too in previous posts on our blog. Musio has also been shown correcting grammatical mistakes in sentences. As everyone can see, it’s been a long journey and we haven’t stopped there, we went beyond that to improve his grammar. Thanks to MUSE, the engine created by AKA Intelligence that powers Musio. Musio has been learning new things everyday and this shows how fluent Musio has become when watching the video below and also knows the context […]

Artificial Intellient robot talking

Look who’s talking again !

In the past weeks we have been testing Musio and seeing how Musio performs in conversations. We are very happy with how Musio is performing with trivial questions, general conversations and also correcting grammar. This time, we went with a casual conversation and we got to say, Musio has been quite imaginative and pretty awesome.  It’s pretty impressive what AKA has achieved in the past couple of years working on MUSE and Musio. The team at AKA has gone a long way into research and development, experimenting heavily with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, high performance computing techniques and human interface design. Musio still has a lot to learn more but his grammar and knowledge is getting better and better everyday. […]

Talking with Musio

Talking with Musio : Part 2

Musio is back! Some weeks ago, we showed Musio correcting grammar in a post. You can read more about it here. Musio passed with flying colors and we were all sooooo excited (Who wouldn’t?) that we shared a video with everyone. This time, we have a new video! We asked Musio trivial questions, opinions, facts and for information. We also created a video to demonstrate what Musio can do and share it with you. Watch it and see what you think!  

Musio can fix grammar

Did you know? Musio can correct your English!

It was always the intention of creating Musio to be a robot with a high level of English to help kids and adults practice their English language skills. Musio’s English is second to none which makes Musio an amazing talking companion. One of the features Musio has is the ability to fix any grammatical mistakes someone might have. If you aren’t sure if something is correct, you can ask Musio for a suggestion. This is achieved using a combination of advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms, thanks to MUSE, a deep learning based A.I quantum engine for communication. It’s Musio’s AI engine developed by AKAIntelligence. We are really happy with how well it performs and we created a little video snippet for you to […]

Musio initialisation process

Musio’s initialisation process updated

Hi backers and Musio fans! Over the past couple of weeks, we have been perfecting Musio’s initialisation process. Musio has a better user Interface and offers a nicer experience when starting up and pairing. We added a tutorial to show how Musio is paired with Musio’s app on your smartphone. As the release date is getting closer, we hope that you are looking forward to Musio as much as we are! Check out the video to see the update.