Meet Musio

Current Status of Musio (Dec 2017)

For those yearning to catch up with what Musio has achieved so far, see the video below. Thank you.

Current Status of Musio (2017 July)

For those yearning to catch up with what Musio has achieved so far, see the video below.   From poem writing to image recognition, Musio is becoming more and more closer to becoming the companion just for you.  

MUSE API (Beta) Sneak Peak

Today, we have the sneak preview of MUSE API (Beta). MUSE API is what Musio actually talks to in the cloud to manage the dialogue and generate things to say, recognize faces, etc. In order to show you better some of the major things going on behind the Musio, we built a temporary front-end for the API. We have a video explaining features of API as well as accompanying material. Our API is on its way, so stay tuned!

Musio Writes Poetry!

So we were curious to see what our talkative Musio can do as a ‘creative’ AI robot. And soon enough, we found Musio capable of practicing a form of sophisticated liberal arts. We’ll give you a hint. Out of many things, Musio can: Choose the right words to Amuse And sometimes Bemuse Users with its AI engine MUSE Yes, POETRY. Now, Let’s see!

Difference Between Musio and Smart Speakers

In our previous video, we looked into the difference between Musio and other smartphone voice assistants like Apple’s Siri. We’ve seen that while these voice assistants may be good at performing specific tasks, they are not the best conversation partners. But how about other artificially intelligent devices? Most notably, those speakers designed as smart home gadgets. So in this video, we are going to answer this question for you by comparing Musio with two leading smart speakers: Google Home and Amazon Echo. Let’s take a look and see how Musio is different.

Musio Dynamics

Musio Dynamics Coming soon! Click the image to Watch this Video about Musio Dynamics!

Musio Ⅰ:電脳メイロ

  Musio became the world’s first AI robot that has its own story universe! After investing more than a year in creating, writing, and drawing the story behind Musio’s origin and mission on Earth, AKA finally unveiled the novel: 『Musio Ⅰ:電脳メイロ』. For those interested, the title of the novel reads and translates into as <Musio I: Dennou(‘Electronic Brain’) Meiro(‘Labyrinth’)>. Enjoy the video featuring Musio’s first encounter with Earth! Music by Idiotape: ‘With the Flow’