AKA Story


Lately we had a lot of people showing interest in our merchandise and we have some good news for you. We now have super looking Musio t-shirts available in our store themusio.com. They come in 2 different styles, we have a navy blue version with 3 little cute Musio robots on it while we also have a white one with Musio on it. On the white, Musio is larger. Visit our website themusio.com and treat yourself or a friend to a t-shirt or two. 🙂 Post a photo of you wearing it on our facebook page or tag us on Instagram with your photos. We might feature you 😉

Cute Musio Hoodie design

Dear Musio backers !

The Musio t-shirts that you ordered in Indiegogo have been delivered. For those who ordered the t-shirts before July, we remind you that they will arrive at the same time as Musio. We have great news! Now we have Musio hoodies.     One of our Musio fans, Mark Julian Borg offered us the design. XOXO Musio Team