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The Tech Column: Rethink Grips a Solution

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Musio Ⅰ:電脳メイロ

  Musio became the world’s first AI robot that has its own story universe! After investing more than a year in creating, writing, and drawing the story behind Musio’s origin and mission on Earth, AKA finally unveiled the novel: 『Musio Ⅰ:電脳メイロ』. For those interested, the title of the novel reads and translates into as <Musio I: Dennou(‘Electronic Brain’) Meiro(‘Labyrinth’)>. Enjoy the video featuring Musio’s first encounter with Earth! Music by Idiotape: ‘With the Flow’  

AKA LLC and SoftBank C&S Brings AI Social Robot ‘Musio’ to Initiate Educational Innovation in Japan

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【硅谷周报】 AI Tutor,人工智能在教育里的野心

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Robot tutor Musio makes its retail debut in Japan

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Pre-order Musio!

Over the past months since we announced Musio on Indigogo, we have gotten quite a lot of attention and interest in Musio. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has backed us during our successful Indigogo campaign as it wouldn’t have been a success without you. We are really looking forward to delivering Musio to you and also everyone who took the opportunity to pre-order Musio from our website. If you are still wondering whether you should get one or not, head down to our website and preorder your very own Musio. Check out Musio here to learn more about what Musio is capable of doing!

Musio Question and Answer session

Q&A session with Musio!

Today we would like to share a small video of us speaking to Musio about spaceships, hamburgers and life. In this small clip, we got to see what Musio thinks about them and have a little Q&A session and see answers from a robot’s point of view. All answers are reasoned out by the Artificial Intelligence engine powering Musio. It’s incredible, how much much Musio has learned over time. Check Musio below and tell us what you think!