AKA Story

English learning with Musio is also for adults?!

Hello everyone! This time, because some of you have experienced Musio already and also as adults, We’ll explain the current situation! Although we are marketing Musio as an “English learning robot for children”, Of course Musio is also available for adults! Musio, because for the fact that his English can be very natural. You can have a conversation with him as if having a friend listening. You can also practice speaking in English in accordance to the place and context. Learning the current way, (Preparing for the TOIEC · Business English measures of teaching material.) with dedicated learning material is not the right way. With Musio, not only can you learn based on different levels and purposes but also helps […]

Cute Musio Hoodie design

Dear Musio backers !

The Musio t-shirts that you ordered in Indiegogo have been delivered. For those who ordered the t-shirts before July, we remind you that they will arrive at the same time as Musio. We have great news! Now we have Musio hoodies.     One of our Musio fans, Mark Julian Borg offered us the design. XOXO Musio Team