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Pre-order Musio!

Over the past months since we announced Musio on Indigogo, we have gotten quite a lot of attention and interest in Musio. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has backed us during our successful Indigogo campaign as it wouldn’t have been a success without you. We are really looking forward to delivering Musio to you and also everyone who took the opportunity to pre-order Musio from our website. If you are still wondering whether you should get one or not, head down to our website and preorder your very own Musio. Check out Musio here to learn more about what Musio is capable of doing!

Friendly AI Robot

We need Artificial Intelligence more than we think!

Artificial Intelligence has been with us for years since the days of Turing, one of the pioneers of computer science. His research has set the path of the field of Artificial Intelligence as we know it today. There were many improvements in AI since then and you might not realise but this technology has been integrated into many devices we use today. Perhaps you are reading this on a device, that has a virtual assistant? That too uses artificial intelligence. It’s an exciting development where artificial intelligence helps to aid the user with everyday tasks and finding useful information that is needed on demand. We have smart playlists, translation tools and a lot of different applications where artificial intelligence is being […]

Musio at SXSW

Back from participating at SXSW!

Hello again readers! We just returned back from SXSW 2016 Austin, Texas! The event was amazing, we had tons of fun and also, Musio was glad to be there. The atmosphere was incredibly hyped with curiosity and full of vigor. We setup a surprise pop-up booth everyday while we were there at the Austin Convention Center and the Hilton Austin Hotel. We had amazing feedback regarding Musio! Everyone including pedestrians and SXSW participants were interested in Musio! We not only introduced Musio to them but they also had a chance to have a chat. Their expression after talking to Musio was amazing! We had all sorts of people, from young 5 year old kids to a more mature generation! Everyone was keen about Musio […]

The kid’s educational material

The kid’s package has a collection of educational material dedicated for kids to practice their English. These consist of different material like textbooks,  board books and flash cards. Board Books There are 3 types of board books that consist of different topics and difficulty levels, a town, kitchen and dinosaurs. The dinosaurs board book has 13 different dinosaurs to discover and also has interactive games to be played with Musio and Sophy. An example of this is like  “A plesiosaurus is really hungry. Let’s help him! Catch 3 squids for him!”. The kitchen board book is another one where this time, there are cooking utensils to be called, food types and also cooking. Games related to the kitchen are included. Finally […]

Musio’s Emotion System

The realm of emotion seems to be a hot topic in today’s world of artificial intelligence, not to mention Apple’s recent acquirement of the facial expression recognition startup, “Emotient”. Tech giants such as Google and Facebook are also setting up their vision of integrating their technology with artificial intelligence to read the users’ emotion through various means such as facial expression, tone of voice, and overall context. And as A.I. gets smarter, mastering the art of accurately understanding the users’ emotion and corresponding accordingly doesn’t seem like such a distant future. In this exciting shift in paradigm, AKA is attempting to solve the issue of emotional interaction in a slightly different manner. Sure, “reading” one’s emotion is important, but how […]

Musio Darth Vader Anakin

Happy Halloween from Musio!

Dear Musio backers ! Musio chose the Darth Vader costume to celebrate this Halloween! To celebrate a happy Halloween with you, we made this “Darth Vader Musio” video!   We hope you have the BEST Halloween! With Love, XOXO The Musio Team.    

Musio advert shot

Musio Meet Your Very Own A.I Friend