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Hinoki Artificial Intelligence Robot

Our LIMITED EDITION Hinoki Musio for Sale

Good news! Our LIMITED EDITION Hinoki Musio that was featured in Japan can be pre-ordered EXCLUSIVELY on Makuake! We have a stand at the Isetan Shinjuku Store, on the second floor in the main building. The Hinoki Musio is made from the highest quality Hinoki wood in Japan. With it’s natural wood properties, it has the effects of releasing phytoncides that has an anti-bacterial and a natural air purification effect. Enjoy the the sleek texture of the Hinoki wood in your living space. Musio is equipped with Artificial Intelligence, he learns using deep learning algorithms and capable of natural language processing. All pre-orders of the Hinoki Musio will be delivered by an AKA employee directly to you in person (Only in Japan)! This Musio can be engraved […]