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Musio’s intent classifier

Table of Contents 1. Musio’s intent classifier   Musio keras classifier 1.1. goal 1.2. motivation 1.3. ingredients 1.4. steps 1.5. outlook Musio’s intent classifier goal In today’s post we will explain by means of presenting an example classifier for the user utterance how Musio is capable of determining the intent of the user. motivation Since Musio’s interior consists of several modules, all associated to solving a specific tasks, from question answering to general conversation, we have to forward the user utterance to the correct module that is able to generate a sensible response to the user utterance. ingredients data set, cross validation, modules, classifier, keras, spacy steps We skip the part on speech recognition and assume that we received a properly trancscripted user utterance. […]

Theano: Theano Python Language Library

Goal In this ongoing summary we give a first introduction to the theano library, its basic functionality and usage in th field neural networks. Motivation The need for such a library is based on easily handling tensorial objects, like multi-array input data and weights in neural networks. Of particular interest are symbolic operations that can perform differentiation as need for the backpropagation algorithm in order to update the models according to the seen training data. A core functionality of libraries nowadays is to make use of GPUs in order to efficiently distribute the huge amount of computing operations. Ingredients symbolic operations, numpy, python Steps The theano library is an open source project lead by a machine learning group associated with […]