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Musio on Nikkei: “AI technology is coming to our homes, as English conversation partners and home assistants”

We have great news! Musio was featured on The Nikkei (日本経済新聞, Japan Economics Newspaper) On July 1, 2017! Musio was introduced as a personal conversation companion and a friend that can talk like a native English speaker. The article explained that AI technology nowadays is now advancing into consumers’ homes. Pointed out by the article is the roles that AIs are assuming in homes: the first is as a chore assistants like smart laundry machine. The second one, represented by Musio, is a personal AI companion that offers emotional comfort and attachment. We were so happy to see a glimpse of  everyday life with Musio introduced in the article! //www.nikkei.com/article/DGXLASGH22H0O_S7A620C1905E00/ The block quote below is a translation for the part that […]

Musio initialisation process

Musio’s initialisation process updated

Hi backers and Musio fans! Over the past couple of weeks, we have been perfecting Musio’s initialisation process. Musio has a better user Interface and offers a nicer experience when starting up and pairing. We added a tutorial to show how Musio is paired with Musio’s app on your smartphone. As the release date is getting closer, we hope that you are looking forward to Musio as much as we are! Check out the video to see the update.

Musio Eating

Musio made it to the GIF format and Giphy!

Share Musio with these cute GIFs to brighten your day and others around you on social media, the web and anywhere else you can imagine! A clip of Musio from our original video actually made it to Giphy which was posted in an article about Musio on Android Central. You can check it here on Giphy and our full Musio collection here! Have fun!

iPhone wallpaper

FREE Musio Phone Wallpapers

As everyone is super excited and looking forward to Musio’s release this coming June. We have some FREE goodies while you wait patiently. Enjoy these free groovy Musio wallpapers for your phone. Both iPhone and Android are supported. 6 colours to choose from! Click here to download the zip file on your computer or use the images below to download them directly on your phone. Enjoy and thanks for supporting Musio! iPhone             Android            

Musio App

The Kids Mobile App for Musio

The Musio kids app is a state of the art mobile application that is there for you and your child. Through the app, there are real-time updates to find out the child’s study progress with Musio. “Check out your childs’ progress with Musio, the smart AI robot, in real-time.” There are various functionalities within the mobile app, which includes: English Score, this converts the conversational information between your child and Musio into easy to read info statistics and display graphical information like monthly score ratings, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress. You can also see the current day’s base vocabulary and sentences used by your child with Musio. Another great feature is to see how well your child can pronounce various […]