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Arduino with Musio

Being creative with Arduino and Musio

First of all, Do you know what Arduino is? Arduino is an awesome open-source platform for building projects involving electronics. It consists of a physical circuit board, referred to a micro-controller and a piece of software called sketches. Arduino has their own IDE to code sketches and easy to compile and upload to the micro-controller via USB. One great thing about Arduino that it’s easy to use and the possibilities are endless. Sketches use a simplified version of C++, very close to C which makes it easy to learn, if you’re a beginner. (The Arduino UNO featured under this line is the most common Arduino micro-controller) Adding Sensors… Sensors are great for… you guessed right, to sense something… well for […]

Friendly AI Robot

We need Artificial Intelligence more than we think!

Artificial Intelligence has been with us for years since the days of Turing, one of the pioneers of computer science. His research has set the path of the field of Artificial Intelligence as we know it today. There were many improvements in AI since then and you might not realise but this technology has been integrated into many devices we use today. Perhaps you are reading this on a device, that has a virtual assistant? That too uses artificial intelligence. It’s an exciting development where artificial intelligence helps to aid the user with everyday tasks and finding useful information that is needed on demand. We have smart playlists, translation tools and a lot of different applications where artificial intelligence is being […]

IoT Airlines

Airlines tapping into IoT

Air travel has been evolving as time goes by, improving the ways we travel, security and now in the next three years, passenger experience will change a lot thanks to IoT (Internet of Things). In 2015, a survey amongst 200 top airlines was released by SITA and resulted that 86% of airlines expect IoT to deliver benefits to travellers and 37% already allocated funding for it. Thanks to IoT, Check-in,Bag Drop and Bag collection will be easier and will have a peace of mind compared to today. As part of this revolution, many things at Airport including buildings, equipment, bags, trolleys ect are equipped to transmit a status. 83% nowadays carry smart phones and can be a part of IoT. […]

IoT Internet of Things

IoT is the way to go!

One of the many reasons we have chosen to integrate IoT into Musio is because it’s the way forward on this planet. Yup, as you may have noticed, we are hearing the term “Internet of Things” as a buzz word lately (Or should we say, a bunch words in a buzz word). It’s been around us for a while but it’s been in the shadows unnoticed. The Internet of Things is a term revolving around machine-to-machine communication. Physical objects like buildings, vehicles, devices and anything that can embed electronics and software with sensors… all connected together via a network to exchange gathered data. As time goes on, these can be found in our own homes like “smart” cookers, fridges and […]