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Musio’s emotion classifier

Table of Contents 1. Musio’s emotion classifier   emotion classifier 1.1. goal 1.2. motivation 1.3. ingredients 1.4. steps 1.5. outlook Musio’s emotion classifier goal In today’s summary we take a look at the emotion classifier applied in Musio and layout some details of the data and models we use. motivation Sentiment classification is in general an important task, since as humans our intention is never to only convey plain content. The way we phrase things is as important as the message itself in human interaction. And sometimes misinterpreting the emotions of one’s counterpart will lead to awkward situations. Hence, Musio has to learn to read the emotional status of it’s users to take part in their daily life. ingredients emotion, sentiment analysis, MLP, […]

Deep learning facial recognition


Humans always had the innate ability to recognize and distinguish between faces. Now, it is not erroneous to say that robots can manage this ability too. As Cindy starts talking, Musio locates her face, extracts facial cues, and identifies that she is in fact, Cindy. Admittingly this technology doesn’t seem so cutting-edge considering most modern smartphones already have an facial recognition feature embedded in them. However, Musio’s vision team believes that visual cues are an important component of communication and are spending a large amount of resources in creating a more refined identification system.   Lead computer vision engineer Justin says “We are very aware that there already exists a vast amount of both open-source and commercial software which enables […]