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We reached 2000 Likes!

Wohooooo! We just reached 2000 Likes on Facebook! Definitely wouldn’t have been done without you all! It’s soo nice seeing Musio getting more popular as the days go by and we are more than excited to be working on such an amazing artificial intelligence robot! We would like to thank everyone for your contribution to helping us make Musio a reality through your pre-orders and our original backers on Indigogo. Also thank you for making Musio more popular. We ask you if you do have friends and family who likes Musio, please tell them to like and share our Facebook page.

Musio describing an apple

Artificial Intelligence helping the blind

Facebook is utilising Artificial Intelligence to automatically caption photos to increase the accessibility of it’s website and applications. The feature is called “Automatic alternative text”, it uses image recognition and machine learning to identify objects and scenes in images. At the moment, it’s capable of listing objects in a picture rather than describe them. This technology can be used in the future for aiding the blind for a better life. Imagine it utilised with Google Glass to describe to the person wearing them what’s ahead and alert them about situations like a warning for a speeding car before crossing the road. The possibilties are endless. At the moment, the most popular similar technology is voiceover to help the blind and […]