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【硅谷周报】 AI Tutor,人工智能在教育里的野心

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Robot tutor Musio makes its retail debut in Japan

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Musio @Japan | Monthly Updates – March

This March on the year 2017 has been a busy, busy month for Musio and AKA in Japan! We’d like to introduce you some of the important announcements made, and give you an update on key events held throughout the month.   Announcements: 1. SoftBank C&S starts Musio X pre-order campaign online! On March 17, SoftBank C&S announced that Musio X – AKA’s latest innovation for Musio – is available on its online store for pre-order! Musio now has its own campaign page on the SoftBank website for customers to explore. Also available on Amazon Japan, Musio X will be shipped to customers starting from April 14. The D-day is almost here. On April 14, SoftBank C&S is officially launching Musio! […]

Introducing Musio’s sidekick… Sophy!

Hello backers and readers, Sophy is also created by AKA Intelligence, the company behind the artificial intelligence robot Musio that can have natural conversations and also has emotions. You can learn English with Musio, through English conversations and dedicated learning material. This little white robot, that looks like a mouse from first glance is Musio’s sidekick. Sophy interacts with the learning material and communicates it with Musio. Sophy matches the same material and colours like Musio. A similar body design with sleek body curves makes Sophy interesting and like Musio, there is also a glowing heart on the chest. When you touch the heart, Sophie will start to vibrate. Sophy’s state is represented by the light colour of the heart. […]

English learning with Musio is also for adults?!

Hello everyone! This time, because some of you have experienced Musio already and also as adults, We’ll explain the current situation! Although we are marketing Musio as an “English learning robot for children”, Of course Musio is also available for adults! Musio, because for the fact that his English can be very natural. You can have a conversation with him as if having a friend listening. You can also practice speaking in English in accordance to the place and context. Learning the current way, (Preparing for the TOIEC · Business English measures of teaching material.) with dedicated learning material is not the right way. With Musio, not only can you learn based on different levels and purposes but also helps […]


Studying English in Japan

When you speak to English teachers in Japan, one may realise that English education is not working in Japan. English classes are mandatory in Japan but a very small percentage of Japanese students actually turn out with actual English abilities. With the Olympic games coming up in 2020 in Japan, The Japanese government is finding ways on how to improve the English level of Japanese. The Japanese education is test oriented and where students must sit for tests and pass. So Japanese teachers who teach English (JTEs) focus on grammar and vocabulary that is targeted towards passing the test and not conversational skills. A broader understanding and practical use of English is ignored as msot of the time is used […]

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Behind the Name: Musio

  The first thing people normally do when they meet “a new friend” is to ask their names. One of the main purposes of Musio’s creation is to offer a friend that keeps you company. A companion and a playmate that hears you, understands you and responds to you. Some of you might ask “Why Musio? Is there something related to music?” It all began with MUSE, the deep learning based A.I. Quantum engine that the AKA company elaborated for customers that wanted to improve their English communication skills. The terminology Muse, also known as Muses, is known as the nine goddesses that inspired the arts, sciences, and literature in Greek mythology. Coincidentally, many of the members of Musio team […]