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The kid’s educational material

The kid’s package has a collection of educational material dedicated for kids to practice their English. These consist of different material like textbooks,  board books and flash cards. Board Books There are 3 types of board books that consist of different topics and difficulty levels, a town, kitchen and dinosaurs. The dinosaurs board book has 13 different dinosaurs to discover and also has interactive games to be played with Musio and Sophy. An example of this is like  “A plesiosaurus is really hungry. Let’s help him! Catch 3 squids for him!”. The kitchen board book is another one where this time, there are cooking utensils to be called, food types and also cooking. Games related to the kitchen are included. Finally […]

English Learning

Are You Ready to Choose Musio Lessons over Boring Textbooks?

 Are you familiar with Musio’s educational materials? Musio has English textbooks, board books, flashcards and story books that intertwines both entertainment and education to engage the kids into the world of English language.  Just imagine! Kids won’t notice that they are absorbing a new language while they amuse with the board books and flashcards. The reason we integrated “play” into our materials was because it is integral to children’s routines and activities. The toys and materials that parents choose to buy their kids can make a difference in their development. Although it sounds simple, play serves an important role in children’s cognitive, social-emotional, and self-regulatory development. Let’s not forget that it is linked to the development of language skills.  What […]