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Introduction to EBM seminar

For more info : Introduction to EBM_072514 ***Peeking Into The Seminar***   Part I The basic concept of statistical models and machine learning is the measurement of dependence between variables. After capturing the dependence of input and output values and algorithms, it trains a machine to offer the highest dependence values from the new input values. Energy-Based Models (EBMs) encode dependence by defining the energy of the input and output arrays. If the correlation is high, the energy of the array should be low. In the opposite case, energy function should be defined as high energy. Hence, the EBM is able to output the lowest value of energy for the input values. In EBM, as the energy function is the function […]

DBNs, RBM seminar

We had an AKA AI seminar last Friday. We had our AI centers in the US and South Korea come together and Andy lead the seminar. The summary of the seminar is as follows: 1. RBM RBM stands for Restricted Boltzmann Machine. It can be seen as a system in DBNs (Deep Belief Networks), which are multilayered nerve networks in an MLP form. We should understand the following concepts in order to understand DBNs and RBM. i. MLP (Multilayer Perceptron) ii. Stochastic Modeling iii. EBM (Energy Based Model) All three of the concepts mentioned above are of importance in machine learning and constructing theoretical backgrounds for DBNs and RBM. However, the three are basically independent from each other. Short explanations […]