AKA Story

An evolving robot! Is it? The body of the artificial intelligence robot Musio!

Hello readers and backers, Musio, created and developed by AKA that uses artificial intelligence to have a natural conversation and show emotion. The little white robot wants to be your friend. With Musio, Learning English is a complete new experience through conversation and learning materials. Musio’s body has a sophisticated design which shares curves and features of natural things around us. Sophisticated Design Musio’s body is fully white in colour with small ears and has a black face. A heart is incorporated in the tummy and has really long arms. The legs are short and his waist is big compared to the rest of the body. With a unique and unbalanced looking body, this attracts the interest of the user […]

Cute Musio Hoodie design

Dear Musio backers !

The Musio t-shirts that you ordered in Indiegogo have been delivered. For those who ordered the t-shirts before July, we remind you that they will arrive at the same time as Musio. We have great news! Now we have Musio hoodies.     One of our Musio fans, Mark Julian Borg offered us the design. XOXO Musio Team