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오륜초등학교가 인공지능 로봇 ‘뮤지오’와 ‘페퍼’를 도입했다

아카에이아이, 서울 오륜초에 인공지능 학습 로봇 ‘뮤지오’·인공지능 휴머노이드 ‘페퍼’ 설치

아카에이아이(AKA AI. 이하 아카)는 서울특별시 송파구에 위치한 오륜초등학교와 인공지능(AI) 영어학습 로봇 ‘뮤지오(Musio)’와 인공지능 휴머노이드 ‘페퍼(Pepper)’의 공급 계약을 맺고 설치를 완료했다고 20일 밝혔다.

AKA’s paper accepted by ICGHIT 2023

AKA Introduces ReSmart, A Cognitive Empowering Application-NEWSnet-

AKA’s paper (ReSmart-15) accepted by Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) – Top Tier Conference

AKA’s paper accepted by IEEE 22nd International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration for Data Science (IRI)

Muse v2.0 Update Summary

Control the “difficulty” of responses Adjusting the level of Musio’s responses to suit the user’s level of English, following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages guideline – the proficiency of the speaker is categorized into one of A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2: A1 being the most elementary and C2 being the most advanced. The level of Musio’s responses can be determined by the user (needs work on frontend / Musio OS), or be automatically determined by analysing the level of the user’s English. in Easy Mode, the level of Musio’s responses are determined at the utterance level. Musio’s response will not exceed a given user’s level. Examples: Specified level: A1 u: how are you m: [A1] […]

Open Domain Dialogue Dataset Comparison Report

Bach vs. Others This document presents a comparison between curated open-domain dialogue datasets available in the public domain and the data produced by AKA’s Bach data platform. The current report focuses on quantitative measurement which could be done in a transparent manner and represent objective differences found in the data. The analysis was performed using the following criteria: Total Number of Tokens Number of tokens is a measure of the overall size of the dataset. It is very important for training the modern Deep Learning-based models. Bach dataset displays clear superiority to others. Higher is better. Vocabulary Size Vocabulary size is the number of unique tokens appearing in the dataset. It represents the variety of speech in dialogues. Our dataset […]