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Talking with Musio

Talking with Musio : Part 2

Musio is back! Some weeks ago, we showed Musio correcting grammar in a post. You can read more about it here. Musio passed with flying colors and we were all sooooo excited (Who wouldn’t?) that we shared a video with everyone. This time, we have a new video! We asked Musio trivial questions, opinions, facts and for information. We also created a video to demonstrate what Musio can do and share it with you. Watch it and see what you think!  

Musio can fix grammar

Did you know? Musio can correct your English!

It was always the intention of creating Musio to be a robot with a high level of English to help kids and adults practice their English language skills. Musio’s English is second to none which makes Musio an amazing talking companion. One of the features Musio has is the ability to fix any grammatical mistakes someone might have. If you aren’t sure if something is correct, you can ask Musio for a suggestion. This is achieved using a combination of advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms, thanks to MUSE, a deep learning based A.I quantum engine for communication. It’s Musio’s AI engine developed by AKAIntelligence. We are really happy with how well it performs and we created a little video snippet for you to […]

Musio initialisation process

Musio’s initialisation process updated

Hi backers and Musio fans! Over the past couple of weeks, we have been perfecting Musio’s initialisation process. Musio has a better user Interface and offers a nicer experience when starting up and pairing. We added a tutorial to show how Musio is paired with Musio’s app on your smartphone. As the release date is getting closer, we hope that you are looking forward to Musio as much as we are! Check out the video to see the update.

Musio describing an apple

Artificial Intelligence helping the blind

Facebook is utilising Artificial Intelligence to automatically caption photos to increase the accessibility of it’s website and applications. The feature is called “Automatic alternative text”, it uses image recognition and machine learning to identify objects and scenes in images. At the moment, it’s capable of listing objects in a picture rather than describe them. This technology can be used in the future for aiding the blind for a better life. Imagine it utilised with Google Glass to describe to the person wearing them what’s ahead and alert them about situations like a warning for a speeding car before crossing the road. The possibilties are endless. At the moment, the most popular similar technology is voiceover to help the blind and […]

Musio at SXSW

Back from participating at SXSW!

Hello again readers! We just returned back from SXSW 2016 Austin, Texas! The event was amazing, we had tons of fun and also, Musio was glad to be there. The atmosphere was incredibly hyped with curiosity and full of vigor. We setup a surprise pop-up booth everyday while we were there at the Austin Convention Center and the Hilton Austin Hotel. We had amazing feedback regarding Musio! Everyone including pedestrians and SXSW participants were interested in Musio! We not only introduced Musio to them but they also had a chance to have a chat. Their expression after talking to Musio was amazing! We had all sorts of people, from young 5 year old kids to a more mature generation! Everyone was keen about Musio […]

Musio’s Emotion System

The realm of emotion seems to be a hot topic in today’s world of artificial intelligence, not to mention Apple’s recent acquirement of the facial expression recognition startup, “Emotient”. Tech giants such as Google and Facebook are also setting up their vision of integrating their technology with artificial intelligence to read the users’ emotion through various means such as facial expression, tone of voice, and overall context. And as A.I. gets smarter, mastering the art of accurately understanding the users’ emotion and corresponding accordingly doesn’t seem like such a distant future. In this exciting shift in paradigm, AKA is attempting to solve the issue of emotional interaction in a slightly different manner. Sure, “reading” one’s emotion is important, but how […]

Musio Question and Answer session

Q&A session with Musio!

Today we would like to share a small video of us speaking to Musio about spaceships, hamburgers and life. In this small clip, we got to see what Musio thinks about them and have a little Q&A session and see answers from a robot’s point of view. All answers are reasoned out by the Artificial Intelligence engine powering Musio. It’s incredible, how much much Musio has learned over time. Check Musio below and tell us what you think!