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글로벌 스타트업 AKA, 인지 기능 향상 앱 ReSmart 출시

아카코그니티브(AKA Cognitive, 이하 AKA)가 인지 기능 향상 앱 ‘ReSmart(리스마트)’를 출시했다.

AKA Introduces ReSmart, A Cognitive Empowering Application-NEWSnet-


人工知能エンジン及び人工知能ソーシャルを開発しているAKA Corp.は、認知能力アップとモニタリングの方法を変える画期的なモバイルアプリケーション、「ReSmart(リスマート)」 を発売いたしました。

AKA’s paper (ReSmart-15) accepted by Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) – Top Tier Conference

AKA’s Paper (ReSmart) is accepted by HIMS 2020

AKA’s paper is accepted by International Conference HIMS (Health Informatics and Medical System) //americancse.org/events/csce2020/conferences/hims20 (July, 2020)

Muse ReSmart

As human beings live longer, the number of people diagnosed with dementia is growing. Many studies have proved that dementia tends to degenerate cognitive abilities. Since dementia patients endure different types of symptoms, it is important to monitor dementia patients individually. Furthermore, old people are generally lack of understanding technology, which brings a low self-motivation to use technologies.  To enhance the cognitive abilities of old people, we propose a mobile plat-form called ReSmart which embeds six distinct levels of the brain training task, based on five cognitive areas to detect different types of individual symptoms. Those brain training tasks are presented in a game-like format that aims to not lose the elder ‘s motivation for technology use and keeping interested. […]