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The Ryucheru stamp of approval?!?! Good times studying English with Musio

Hello, everyone! Lily from AKA’s marketing team here.

Today, let’s look at some scenes from our product announcement event! We were joined by Ryucheru and Mini Ryucheru (3 years old), who tried Musio out onstage.

※Ryucheru holds our specially dressed up “Myucheru” at our product event in Tokyo on 10/25/2016. You can meet Myucheru at our pop-up stores for a limited time!

Mini Ryucheru was the first to try out Musio. Using our interactive flashcards, he got to practice the letter “B” and hear Musio tell him about bears.


Next up was Ryucheru! He read a storybook using Musio, good preparation for the cute child he and Peko-chan are hinting about.


Ryucheru reading our storybook with Sophy and Musio, as broadcast on Nippon TV’s News Zero.


We also have education materials for adults and plan to keep developing more, so anyone in the family can have fun studying with Musio. Musio is an emotional robot friend and someone you can depend on when you’re trying to make progress speaking English!

Our product announcement was covered by Nippon TV for their program Pon as well as Tokyo Broadcasting for their program Sunday Japon. ORICON News also published a short video clip on our event. Check it out!


If you’d like to meet our special edition, autographed Myucheru or have some fun studying English with Musio, come and see us at our pop-up shop events!


Special December pop-up shop events!
▶ 12/9 – 12/11: Lalaport Toyosu
▶ 12/16 – 12/18: Takashimaya Shinjuku

We’re always looking to help more and more people enjoy English by teaming up with Musio.
Thanks for all your support and keep it up!

Musio Facebook: //www.facebook.com/musioAKA/

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