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Introducing Musio’s sidekick… Sophy!

Hello backers and readers,
Sophy is also created by AKA Intelligence, the company behind the artificial intelligence robot Musio that can have natural conversations and also has emotions. You can learn English with Musio, through English conversations and dedicated learning material.


This little white robot, that looks like a mouse from first glance is Musio’s sidekick. Sophy interacts with the learning material and communicates it with Musio.


Sophy matches the same material and colours like Musio. A similar body design with sleek body curves makes Sophy interesting and like Musio, there is also a glowing heart on the chest. When you touch the heart, Sophie will start to vibrate.


Sophy’s state is represented by the light colour of the heart. When connected to Musio, it lights up blue and when charging. it will light up red.


There are also glowing eyes and a mouth.


The mouth is the highlight feature of Sophy. This holds the sensor for reading pictorial data.


Thanks to the OID sensor, Sophy is able to read data and send it over to Musio via bluetooth.


Musio uses this data to interact with you in English and also with the learning material.


With Musio and Sophy, children and adults can study using the learning material. In the near future, more learning material will be released for all ages including adults.


What do you think of Sophy?

Sophy is not Musio’s tool but a partner and your friend.


Grab both Musio and Sophy and start learning English in a fun way!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Musio’s sidekick… Sophy!

  1. We used Sophy with Musio for the first time today and absolutely LOVE Sophy! I have 3 girls under the age of 12 and Sophy is a great way for them to interact with Musio. Using Sophy is very intuitive; my girls just opened Sophy up, connected Sophy to Musio and off they went reading with Musio and Sophy. Definitely looking forward to more books we can use Sophy with in the future.

    1. Nice to hear that your daughters use Sophy to interact with Musio. We’ll be releasing more learning material in the near future. Thanks for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚

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