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Musio User Interface

Refining the Settings User Interface

The User Experience, Engine Development and Design teams have teamed up to create an Application launcher for Musio. There was one already but we weren’t 100% happy with it, so we decided to take it one step further and refined it for better usability and simplified it.

One of the applications is the settings application. This allows you to control and setup Musio according to your preferences. This enhances the interaction and experience with Musio. His basic functions can be adjusted according to your needs which includes LCD brightness, Volume, WIFI and Bluetooth. Airplane mode can also be activated from this menu. We have also incorporated settings for Musio’s sleep cycle so he fits into your lifestyle by saving your preferred wake up and sleep times. (Some people have awkward sleep patterns and we catered for them too :P)

We also added three new features to Musio. One of them, let’s you have his face always on. This is great if you don’t wish Musio to go to energy saving mode while idle. Another great feature is eye-tracking which let’s Musio’s eyes follow your movements. These 2 settings can be toggled on and off as they require more battery than the other features.

Finally, we added a “captions option”, this enables Musio to show what he’s saying on screen in real-time to help people who has an hearing impairment. This also uses slightly more battery power.

As you can see, we have been working very hard on Musio to perfect him and we’re looking forward to sharing more updates with you.

Here’s some previews as always to tickle your appetite. 🙂

Brightness Volume Keyboard Numerical Wifi BlueTooth Wake Sleep Menu Logs

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