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Sophy re-designed!

As everyone knows by now that Sophy is Musio’s counterpart friend to help with reading and interact with the study material. In case this is your first time reading about Musio and Sophy. Sophy is a handheld device that features a button, led and front OID Sensor to read patterns on the study material for Musio. This enables Musio and the child to interact with the books.

One of the refinements we did while perfecting Musio is redesigning Sophy. Based on various feedback we got, we listened and now there are 3 key features that we incorporated within the new design.

After various experiments and design alterations, the new Sophy has futuristic organic lines. Boasting a masculine chest with a curvy sideview spanning from the head to the stomach, Sophy boasts a mixture of feminity and masculinity, making for a bold yet sophisticated look. This creates a very interesting form. We combined the look of the arms and torso, combining some striking lines, we expressed the looks of arms through the curve that forms the body. This makes it easier to handle while interacting with Musio.

The subtle LED light inside the main body stayed the same. Now, it pulses according to Sophy’s heartbeat and the color changes according to the state to match the user experience at the time.

Prototype previews
Sophy Back

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