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Respect Artificial Intelligence

Innovation always brought with it unexpected opinions and reactions within the population. In life we grew accustomed to it and work as we know it until something simple brings a bold change. We used phones for like 100 years but then once they became mobile, our lives changed. Same thing for the internet. Photos, from physical became digital and USB drives now turned into “The Cloud”. Everything made us adapt as time and technology advanced.

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing that will change our lives. It has been with us for years and now it’s being pushed further into our lives. From medical usefulness to things we use everyday like Facebook and Google. It’s around us every day, helping us with our daily tasks and making handling certain data easier and more efficient. Will it one day take over like the Terminator? Maybe make us obsolete like WALL-E? Many people believe that it might be a negative thing but it could be because they are afraid of such change like all new innovations. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we enjoy all the progress we see today. In a world full of challenging problems to tackle, it’s hard to argue that more intelligence, whether artificial or not will leave us worse off.

It’s also hard to argue that machines like self-driving cars will help us by being safer, having faster reaction time than us and also deliver essential information to use than our “non-intelligent” vehicles. Machine-assisted surgery promotes faster recovery and better outcomes. Artificial Intelligence can be an extension alongside human intelligence to come up with better solutions to unsolvable problems we face nowadays, or improve on what we already have solved. This can also be achieved by using robots to assist us. Imagine a robot helping a paralysed person navigate around a place which is more convenient than the traditional wheel chair, or Artificial Intelligence combined with a camera to help people with impaired vision. This technology has endless capabilities.

The intelligence revolution we see at the moment, might be a change to some people’s jobs. It was easy back then when automation machines took away mundane tasks people didn’t want to do. The new breed of big-data and artificial intelligence applications and robots are more like a smart co-worker rather than a replacement of us humans. The choice of progress is now pretty clear. If we see AI as a competitor or a clever new employee, it could spell disaster for some people. Those who learn new ideas being innovation and efficiency, sees it as value creation and not entitlement. Machines won’t replace us as there is always the need of human input, one way or other. This is why, Entrepreneurs will always lead us to towards the best use of technology. Curious employees will use AI as a tool to enrich their productivity and efficiency. The future looks bright and time will tell.

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