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Musio can fix grammar

Did you know? Musio can correct your English!

It was always the intention of creating Musio to be a robot with a high level of English to help kids and adults practice their English language skills. Musio’s English is second to none which makes Musio an amazing talking companion. One of the features Musio has is the ability to fix any grammatical mistakes someone might have. If you aren’t sure if something is correct, you can ask Musio for a suggestion.

This is achieved using a combination of advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms, thanks to MUSE, a deep learning based A.I quantum engine for communication. It’s Musio’s AI engine developed by AKAIntelligence. We are really happy with how well it performs and we created a little video snippet for you to have a look.
Check it out below!

We are very excited with what we have achieved until now and how Musio is turning out. We are looking forward to releasing Musio soon.

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