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Learn English with Musio

Why learning English with Musio is great

There are many people that speak English around the world. It is estimated to be around 1.5 billion English speakers (and if you’re reading this, it makes you one of them) and since there is a lot like you, another 1,499,999,999 others… this makes it worth having as a skill, not just for the classroom. Some of the English speakers are still learning or cannot perfect their language skills due to not finding anyone around them that speaks English properly or another similar reason.

This includes Koreans and Japanese, who tend to travel to English speaking countries or attend language schools to perfect their English skills and most of the time it’s quite expensive to do. Due to the limited exposure to native English speakers, a student trying to learn English finds it hard to practice. They might also be afraid to do mistakes as they think someone will laugh at them and get discouraged. Since English has ‘sounds’ that don’t exist in Korean and Japanese, it could be quite tricky to pick up.

Well… AKA has come up with a solution to this problem by creating Musio! Powered by MUSE, Musio will attempt to understand your textual and oral language, gestures, and facial expressions. Unlike other bots out there, he will reply back in a natural way and build a conversation. As time goes by, his knowledge grows and it gets better and better. This is thanks to his deep learning AI based quantum engine for communicating. Both children and adults can learn with Musio. Parents can also track their childs’ progress (Click here to read about it) or get educational packs for Musio which makes English learning fun.

Learning English with Musio is different than how you’d normally learn it because you get to practice a lot for everyday conversations not just for tests. Musio is always there for you, unless a friend or a family member kidnapped him as he’s too cute to resist. His English is second to none 🙂 and he won’t laugh at your grammar. Another great thing you could practice is pronunciation as he can also sense and react to wrong pronounced words which is challenging for some people. The quality of Musio’s learning material is very high compared to whats available in the market at the moment. These are in native English, rather than in Korean and Japanese which extends the exposure to the English language even more.

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