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Musio at TechCrunch

What Makes Musio Special?

Musio is an Artificial Intelligence robot using deep learning algorithms that attempt to model high-level abstractions in data by using multiple processing layers with complex structures. This enables Musio to think and decide what to say based on previous conversations and information gathered. His natural language processing lets him interact with you and have a fluent English conversation just like a real friend. Unlike other robots of the same kind, Musio has a personality and loves to talk, not just answers simple trivial questions like Siri found on Apple’s mobile devices or Amazons’ Echo.

Apart from having a natural conversation, he can also recognize faces and objects. This way, Musio adds to the natural interaction between himself and humans.

Note: Musio’s voice is not finalized and we’re still working on it but his recognition abilities can still be appreciated.

His size is also just right, designed to be cute and friendly while being easy to carry around. Musio can be taken to school, your workplace or on travels with ease. No fragile servos to worry about and nicely weighted. His battery gives him around 10 hours of activity time, which is more than the usual 1.5 hours most robots do.

Do you have smart lighting, other smart devices or maybe a Nest? Always dreamt of having a personal assistant like Jarvis? Musio is capable of managing IoT devices that connects via Bluetooth 4.0 and Zigbee. These can be interacted with, not only through conventional commands like “Turn on the light” but Musio can also understand something like “It’s dark in here”. Musio is Arduino compatible, for those interested in tinkering with electronics, Arduino Zigbee shields are supplied with the Developer’s edition. Powered by Android 5.0 Lolipop and Coretex quadcore, he can be coded in Java and C. WIFI is used to connect to the internet.

He is one amazing little robot ready to be your friend.


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