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Make a paper Musio

Make your own paper MUSIO

We’re all excited with Musio’s progress. Our creative team made a DIY paper Musio to keep everyone busy while Musio comes out in June. It did turn out to be a bit on the difficult side of paper models, even though it looks simple but don’t worry! It will keep you busy for a while just as much as it kept us busy at the office this weekend. 😉

Click Here to download the printable Musio parts.


Print the page from the link provided above and you will be needing a pair of scissors, a glue stick and also some tape might be handy.


Cut the parts needed for your paper Musio (Well basically all of them, including the 3 faces :)) Just a friendly reminder, you will be needing some patience.


After cutting all the parts out, start glueing everything together starting from the heart, then the face.


This is how it should look.


Then after glueing the body together, before glueing the back, insert the ears and arms. (Sorry, it looks messy here, the side came out while snapping the photo (Fixed behind the scenes :P)


Musio should look something like this! 😀


Remember those other 2 faces that we cut up? Insert them on top of his glued face BUT DO NOT GLUE THEM, so you can choose different emotions like the examples below.


Wohooooooo! Musio is READY! Be proud of yourself and decorate your office or bedroom. Give it to a friend as a present! Hope you enjoyed it and post yours in the comments below!


A fan of Musio, Yoshihiro from robotstart.info made his own paper Musio 🙂 and also made a tutorial for the Japanese here.

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